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Entrepreneurs On A Budget

Hello Diamonds

Lets be real for a moment. We are an up and coming brand and we love what we do but it its' hard! Trying to make a name for ourselves, creating an amazing collection and trying to work with other up and coming entrepreneurs ALL... on a budget

We started this brand from literally nothing. No money, no business qualifications, no clue what we was in for. One of us just had a baby and the other fresh out of uni. We just knew we wanted to start a jewellery brand (That story is for another day). 

 However we educated ourselves and went full throttle. Now where are we? We have a brand, our beautiful jewellery and our loyal Diamonds, however we have so much further to go.

One of the hardest parts of a band is to keep it growing. We are consistently working on new and fun ways to spread the word of Carbon and Coal. We try all of these things to stay relevant and keep our Diamonds interested but you always have that little voice in the back of your head saying 'will this work?' 

Honestly it doesn't always work and you never really know what will actually work or how well but you have to try. One of the best pieces of advice we recieved along the way is... No matter what you do, enjoy the journey!

How to run a business on a budget?

- Get everyone you know to help you.

- Get them to post about you ask them for their out look , hey if you can get them to work for free.

- Connect with others who are willing to team up with you and build with you for an exchange of goods. 

- Keep an open eye for every opportunity to mention and share your business.

We don't have all the answers but those are our tips. Being an entrepreneur is not easy so it is importantly stay consistent, work your hardest and be passionate about what you want.


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