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Tips and Tricks to gaining more followers on Instagram

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Helloo there Diamonds


 So the question is 'how do i increase my followers'. We are right along side you with learning that answer. The game has changed and how we made 5000 followers a few years ago is not how we will make another 5000.

So here's some tips n tricks we learnt:

1. BE CONSISTENT!!! - Instagram and your followers are not going to keep you relevant by posting once a month. You need to be posting at least 3 - 4 times a week.

2. DO NOT OVER POST - This can become annoying and you could loose views or even worse, followers

3. STICK TO A NICHE - Posting about anything and everything will leave people coming to your page confused and they will leave uninterested. Whether your selling an item or becoming an influencer, stick to a niche like beauty, food or jewellery like ourselves. 

4. CREATE A BRAND - This means have a look and feel to your page so it flows nicely. When people come to your page that want to get a vibe. Think about what your selling or creating and how to you want to be seen. For us its a classic and luxurious feel or it could be super girls and fun or  urban and edgy. There a 1000 ways but what evr you choose stick to it. 

5. TAKE CLEAR PICTURES - Make sure the content your creating is pleasing to the eye. No one wants to follow a stranger that takes half arsed photos. Get Good backgrounds thing about the colours you want to use thing about your scenery and a good angle is your best friend. That goes for selfies to products the surroundings. Get the angle right.

6. USE YOUR IG STORIES. - Its all about engagement these days. It's great to post on your grid but don't neglect your stories. You can get even more creative and raw in there. People want to see behind the scenes of those pretty pictures your posting and get a little more real. Utilise this IG stickers such the polls and quizes. 

7. ENGAGE WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS - When people start commenting and messaging, respond! They will feel better connected with you and continue to engage with you. More engagement means better exposure. Its better to have 1000 fans than 10,000 followers when it comes to sale.

8. CLICK BAIT - Wait we haven't lost the plot. We mean friendly click bait. Do a video of you in your zone but make the cover interesting so people will want to see what happens next. If your doing a makeup tutorial have an image of the foundation dripping down your face. 

9. USE HASHTAGS - Make sure they are relevant to what is going on in the photo but please don't go crazy. It's not a good look. We recommend no more than 5 or 6

10. POST AT YOUR MOST OPTIMAL TIME - You don't want to post at a time when nobody is looking. To find out when your followers are hanging out on IG go to your profile. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top hand corner, click insights scroll over to audience and there at the bottom you will find your followers most interactive days and times. 

11. GET CREATIVE - You want to stand out. There is a lot of competition out there. Look at what others are doing and see if you can put your own spin on it.

12. COMPETITIONS - This one needs a blog post of its own. This is a way to grow not only awareness but engagement. We will follow up on this one soon. 

13. GET ACTIVE - Like and comment on other peoples photos. They will wonder who is this and check you out. This is the activity that grew our followers the fastest. Try to stick to people that would be most interested in what your doing or selling. Use your Insight tools to help you figure it out. 

14. RE-POSTS AND MENTIONS - Repost on your IG stories. Not only is it easy content but who your interested in seeing and watching may re-post you. Plus your followers want to know your interests.   

15. INTERESTING CAPTIONS - Make people laugh, get people thinking, pull on some heart strings. Nothing is worse than a picture with no caption! 

16. STAY AWAY FROM BOTS - Instagram does not like bots. You want to stay on Instagrams good side. If instagram recognises spam activity on your account you many get pushed down in the time line. You don't want to loose engagement, get suspended or even worse lose your account.



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