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CC Night Party

Hello Diamonds!

We had what  we call a CC Night. Whats a CC Night?  It is an intimate Carbon & Coal party that involves a lot of fun!

The night consists of  several games, food, beverages and an opportunity to see and buy our gorgeous jewellery in person. Our games are designed to make you laugh, bond and win some beautiful Carbon & Coal jewellery.  

We want our Diamonds to leave with fun memories and have a real sense of who Carbon & Coal is. 

This was our first ever CC Night. We've been wanting to have a Carbon & Coal Party for a very long time. We wanted to show off our jewellery and have plenty of fun! 

So we decided to use some of our Diamond friends as guinea pigs. We invited 10 of our closes friends and set the whole thing up. Finding out what kind of games we wanted was the most fun. 

We wanted some naughty and funny games. My favourite game was The Balloon Popper. We filled the room with balloons and in 2 of them was a golden ticket to win some jewellery.

Watching the ladies stomp around the room trying to pop the balloons was a blast! 

By the end of the night All our Diamonds was well fed, tipsy and had a piece of jewellery. 

We asked our Diamonds for a bit of feed back from the night and this is what they said

"The evening in whole was brilliant. Great hostessing, display of items, company presentation and professional set up." 

"The evening was planned well, very professional attitude, the evening was carried out well."

"Amazing hosts, great ice breakers, jewellery well displayed from the start. Games where very fun and exciting to win. Good food nice variety." 

We can't wait to do more of these Carbon and Coal parties! There will be more of our CC Nights to come and we want you to join us! 


Here are some video clips from the night


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