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A Helping Hand

Hi Diamonds

So where do we begin? Well lets start with who's writing this and why? Well we are the founders of Carbon & Coal, Zahra & Marissa. The why is simple, we want to share our experience with helping the homeless. We wanted to make some simple food and hand out some items people might need. It all started when we saw this post about a young lady handing out blankets to people who where homeless. The story definitely touched our hearts and we wanted to follow in her foot steps. However we quickly discovered buying lots of blankets can be quite pricey and as a small start up company we weren't able to go down that route. So we started looking up other things that would be helpful. We found that hats, gloves and socks were items that are important to people who are homeless, so that's what we got.

Just before we headed out on our journey we tried searching and calling up a few places to see if we could get any useful information that we could pass onto those who wanted to help themselves. We discovered very quickly it wasn't that easy. Between 2 smart phones, a laptop and wifi, we couldn't find anything! baring in mind it was a Saturday so some places were closed. One operator gave us a number to pass on and told us that most (street sleepers) homeless people have a mobile phone with credit!? This sounded barmy to us, but as new comers we went with that number and information and headed out on a cold day with our trolley to try give a helping hand.

We started off in Southeast London in areas we have seen people sleeping outside but that day there weren't many people around. We kept moving about and we finally came across someone who could do with some help. We offered them some food and drinks and spoke to them about the information we received about most people who are homeless having a mobile phone with credit. He told us this not the case at all, at least for him. 

Anyway we kept moving and spoke to a couple of people who felt comfortable sharing their stories. Someone shared a story that their friend got killed because some people thought it would be funny to throw a trolley on them. This shocked us as we wasn't aware things like this happened! These stories gave us perspective and as silly as this sounds it made them human and relate-able. They wasn't just a disappointment to society.

You would have thought at the end of the day we would feel good because we did 'a great thing for human kind'!! Not the case at all. It left us feeling exhausted and disappointed in the things that happen to people in this world. We were able to go to our warm loving homes but there where/are people out there that couldn't, that are struggling, that felt stuck or lost.

The whole experience left us wanting to do more, left us with a better understanding that they are people and should have a place to live and food to eat.

We are going to help and we are going to find all the people that are willing to help. We are starting a collection that is dedicated to raising money to help those who need and want help. Our first item is a fashion gold coin necklace.(Click Here For Item) . 100% of the proceeds will go to the following:

- Food

- Drinks

- Hats

- Socks

- Gloves

- Blankets 

If you made it this far thank you for reading our post. This means a lot to us. 


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